so busy! great press! / by Jeff Herrity Artist

So, things have been really busy lately. I started another grad program at George Mason for Arts Management and really love it so far. I'm looking forward to getting back to working with not-for-profit organizations that focus on the arts. That said, I've not been in the studio lately so that I can adjust to a new schedule and then work my studio practice back into my daily routine. I am about to start and finish my alchemical vessel for the Alchemical Vessel show this year. It's a small cigar style box, and I have some interesting ideas on what do to, I'm thinking of honoring David Bowie. I'll post photos as I progress starting next week. (I promise) There will be lights involved in my piece.

I was also recently, yesterday, profiled on East City Art by Eric Hope. I had such a great time with Eric talking about my work, and to see the result of our conversation was really interesting to me as an artist reading about myself. I really think Eric understands what I am trying to do, and he even explained it better than I ever could. You can read the article here: Jeff Herrity at East City Art.

I was also featured in Northern Virginia Magazine last month, and had an equally fantastic time with Jenny Cutler Lopez who was introduced to me by Olly Olly founder Jessica Kallista. You can read that article here: Northern Virginia Magazine.

Ok...that should get us all current for now. Back to studying for Finance and Budgeting quiz later today.

until next time....

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