TRANSMOGRIFICATIONS / by Jeff Herrity Artist

some color! It has been such a wild six months. I have barely been able to process everything I have seen and done, but I am, and will write some posts about my time in Mexico. I came home and immediately continued work on my solo show which opens in a few days at The Fridge Gallery in Barracks Row.

This show includes a bunch of NEW work in which I have been exploring the use of color and highlighting the 'parts' of the molds being used. And there are bunnies.

There is a bit of a vague narrative running through the show that I think I am still trying to figure out - and will be able to once the show is laid out how I want.

Mostly this show is about how we want so badly to be individuals yet only through the acceptance of that by our friends and by crowdsourcing on Facebook and Instagram. We are able to quickly and repeatedly recreate ourselves and 'try-on' our identities based on moods of any particular day - yet not realize the repercussions of these changes.

But in the end, what happens when nobody 'likes' an image or is there to respond to your lunch choice?

My show Transmogrifications opens this Saturday - September 12, 2015 from sometime after 6pm until around 11.