Prepping for my solo show. / by Jeff Herrity Artist

So, another long lapse in posting to this blog. But, thanks to me telling people about my show I am now seeing the need to start updating this blog more regularly. I hope.  Email me if a post is more than two weeks old!!! Last year I decided to try for the Hillyer Art Space 2014/2015 calendar. I had never applied before and thought that I had a good chance since my work has been noticed a bit lately. I was excited to make it! I immediately began freaking out that I have a full show to produce and several areas that I've been exploring in my studio.

My opening is scheduled for October 3, 2014....seems so close!

I think this is a great time for me to start experimenting a bit, but stay a little more true to my original work - I don't think this show should be all new work, but a chance to put the work out there to be looked at and critiqued. I've been thinking about my totems in different colors, mostly black, but I may try some new or different colors...not sure about this yet. I'll be posting more as I come up with more work.