change / by Jeff Herrity Artist

Having finished with my graduate program and finalizing my written thesis over the next month, my fall is going to be a time for change.

I start teaching at the Lab School of Washington in multiple divisions. I am very excited to be joining the team, and working with so many people and organizations. In another post on this blog at a later date, I'll discuss the 'other' part of my job at the Lab School.

I will be teaching three different classes, the first is the Intermediate Art class which is very similar to my student teaching last school year, which helped me get hired full time. Several years ago, I would have shook my head as a response to teaching the 'young' kids. Now, I couldn't think of anything else. These kids are great, and I am eager to bounce teaching ideas off of Sarah.

I'll also be teaching a Jr. High class on Technology. This class is pretty open and it's mostly about helping the students build their technology skills in areas that are relevant to their needs and interests.  Also important to cover with this age group (developmentally speaking) is the 'common sense media,' or, online safety and ethics. This age is starting to create their identity and so they need guidance in knowing the right from wrong when they have difficulties processing the two. 

I've not yet starting planning this class because I have first started working with my third responsibility: a high school level Foundations of Technology class specifically for Prince George's County Students (this is a part of the statewide Common Core standards being adopted.)

Because the Lab School is a one-to-one student to iPad/laptop, this class is tricky because the students are already firmly entrenched with technology, and are also the learning population considered 'digital natives' (the younger teens who have always had technology in their life.) 

I've decided for my planning and lesson creation to only use technology, or as much technology - and as openly as possible - that I can. Sometimes, I do like a whiteboard and sketchbook to map my ideas, but can also do this with mindmomo or mindnode. By doing this, I can directly share the information with the students. And, since I'm a new teacher this year, I can start to create carefully considered habits. 

Another approach I will be taking with my syllabi is creating them in as many forms as possible from straight text, to a more visual wireframed look, to something even interactive.

I plan to cover all aspects of technology from the history (which I will have to confirm the degree of which background info has been taught) from the stone age to the information age. Hopefully I can schedule a skype session with Vint Cerf - considered one of the fathers of the Internet, and someone I worked with briefly at InternetMCI 'back in the day.' Maybe he can talk about where he thinks technology is going. 

Perhaps we read some technology focused essays or stories. We will definitely create projects that help the group understand the impact that technology has on our lives. They may have to live a few days without any tech. or device. 

I'm still processing everything. But will post my lesson plans and any documents I create for you to use or modify for your own purposes.

Only a few weeks until my first class as a teacher, not a student.