Naples Museum of Art

forest through the trees. by Jeff Herrity Artist

Usually John and I arrive in Naples at the very end of June and so we never get to go to the Naples Museum of Art - it closes on July 1 for the summer. I suppose the few tourists that come here in the summer do not have 'visit art museum' at the top of their to-do list. Luckily, this year we arrived earlier than normal and were able to visit.

I was lured there mostly for the Louise Nevelson: Dawn's Forest installation. I think that I have only seen smaller works and larger works but in black. In white they have a completely different presence and both John and I wondered how they were lit at night and what that did to them.

We weren't allowed to take pictures of it, and being the ever obedient museum goer, I took as many sneaky shots as I could. The one above is from the museum website. The ones below just magically appeared on my iPhone. Art elves put them there...

From the ground level, you can get a great feel for the scale of these giant pieces, some of them up to or over 28 feet in height, and then several hanging from the glass-domed ceiling like the spanish moss that is everywhere down here lazily drooping towards the ground.

From above, the second floor of the museum I took the picture looking down and was once again struck by what the shadows do to the work - it borders on chaotic. But I still love it and her all of her other work.