finding friends in unusual places. / by Jeff Herrity Artist

One never thinks that you will find a life-long friend at jury duty. I'm one of those people that, for some reason, ALWAYS gets picked to be a juror. Luckily they are always very interesting cases: Medical Malpractice, Homeland Security, and Gangland Style Double Homicide. I never thought a horrific crime - murder - would bring me a new friend. No, no, no, NOT the accused. Gail. It was pretty instant that we both realized that sitting amongst our 'peers' we were the only ones who dreaded being there. We quickly became friends and ate lunch together every day. At the end of the several weeks we gave up, we continued our friendship.

Gail met Scott. I don't think there was any crime involved. We've all maintained a fun relationship. So, both John and I were delighted when they announced their engagement. This coming weekend, September 8, 2012, we'll be attending the wedding at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. When Gail told me that the wedding was in a museum I wanted to make something 'arty' for her as a gift. Gail being the complete opposite of a bridezilla accepted my offer. She sent me an image of her dress and I started sketching.

After many trials and prototypes, the final piece is a play on the drapy fabric of the dress, but also of the sea, sand, and shells. I worked with so many slabs of clay, trying to get several pieces that 'felt right' and that nested together gracefully - like people coming together. I also wanted to make a piece that Gail and Scott could continue to showcase and use in their home. They are casual, they are 'dressy' - they can be used as a centerpiece, and individually. Much like people, we adapt and grow.

I hope she likes the finished pieces.

Congrats to Gail and Scott. I look forward to adding more pieces

to your porcelain collection.