could it be? new work? / by Jeff Herrity Artist

So NEXT closed, but not before we as a class did another project for another show in Baltimore at AREA 405. I've returned to the world of clay, porcelain slipcasting really, and some photography. I really just stumbled upon this work, but realize that I how some is born - in a mixture of fun/play, creativity, and panic. I had been working on a painting, and wasn't really happy with it, so I created these pieces.

I have been using kitschy 70's ceramic molds for a while now, but realize that the piece that comes from each isn't necessarily the work I am looking for. I thought...'I need to look a bit closer. closer. closer. and then even closer'  I took a photo of my Mary bust and the result screamed "THIS IS IT" at me. I like the reflections and everything about the image. Reflected in it is another piece I did (an owl - which I have a connection with because my oldest sister Debbi had this trippy owl mobile in the 70's that I always secretly LOVED - it changed colors as it moved and I thought it was magical)  I then figured that I need the owl in the work as well. And then another.

The result?