a new experience! / by Jeff Herrity Artist

I created this blog a little while ago but couldn't for the life of me figure out a good way to start writing, or what I would write about. As a former marketing professional I suppose that I'm a bit harder on myself and didn't want to start something without some goal or purpose. I think I started about ten blogs. None of them have any entries. Until this one. Now.

Just today I printed my new lease for a studio space at Flux Studios.

As a student at the Corcoran College of Art + Design we are given studio space to do our work. This is fine and great, but we get very little work done. Being a ceramics and sculpture person, installations and performances too, a small space is very hard to create in. Worse yet is my studio space at home. AKA the third floor bathroom. We won't even talk about the amount of my stuff around the house that is starting to drive even ME crazy. To get serious work done I have been looking for a space. Some place where I can be inspired, instead of annoyed, by the people around me and where I can safely work out new ideas and concepts.

I also want to start focusing more on my studio practice. This is something that we are constantly challenged to think about...'what kind of practice will I have?' I think that I am ready to pursue this angle of my art career. Become a practicing studio artist.

And student.

So, the nature of this blog has revealed itself to me. This will be the place where I will write about this experience.